SGHS Scholarships

Orphans Fee Relieve
In case of an orphan, only the income of the mother shall be considered while determining the eligibility for the award of SGHS scholarship.
a. The monthly income of the mother (from all sources) should be equal to or less than Rs. 30,000/-
b. 20 % admission fee and 12 % of the tuition fee is waived off for the first admitted child
c. The second child will get a 15 % scholarship in tuition fee only
d. 18% tuition fee is waived for the remaining children

Document Required:
1. Attested photocopy of the Death Certificate of father issued by NADRA will be required for claiming this Scholarship
2. Attested photocopy of Family Certificate issued by NADRA will be required for claiming this Scholarship
3. Attested photocopy of mother’s CNIC
4. Photocopy of KE current paid bill

SGHS Scholarship Conditions:
1. The scholarship will be awarded only to those learners who apply in the respective category
2. A learner qualified for two or more categories can only avail one scholarship
3. No Scholarship will be awarded other than the above-mentioned categories
4. The tenure of the SGHS scholarship is of 11 months in total
5. The beginning month of the scholarship will be September of every calendar year
6. The SGHS scholarship will lapse yearly and reapplication of the scholarship will be required every year
7. All fees must be paid on or before the 10th of every month, failure to do so for consecutive three months will result in the lapse of the scholarship
8. All scholarships will apply for tuition fees only, except Clause (b) of Orphans eligible child and Clause(a) of a Faculty eligible child
9. Kinship Scholarship will be withdrawn if the first child passes out or leaves school due to any reason

Eligibility Criteria:
• The students need to provide documentary proof that they are in need of financial support
• A student determined ineligible to receive financial aid for failure to meet the SGHS standards of satisfactory academic progress
• Satisfactory academic progress will be evaluated at the end of the every term result
• Students from Jr. I to Jr. V required to maintain overall 80 % marks in every term exam and Sr. I to Sr. III required to maintain overall 70 % marks in every term exam

Cancellation Policy of the Scholarship:
The scholarship may be terminated if the Head of Institution recommends for the cancellation of the scholarship due to any one or multiple reasons given below:
a. Poor Academic Performance
b. Low attendance
c. Not appeared in the exams
d. Poor discipline
e. A gap in examination (1 year or so)
f. Any other reason provided by the Head of Institution