Q1. Why St. Gregory?
A1. St. Gregory’s High School prepares students for public or private high schools. We offer a nurturing environment that helps our children grow to be good people, not just good students.

Q2. What makes SGHS unique?
A2. SGHS affordable fee structure is the unique feature which gives a competitive edge over others. We provide high quality education at reasonable cost in a serene, congenial and peaceful atmosphere.

Q3. Does SGHS have traditional high school activities or it all about academics?
A3. Besides SGHS great academics, students have opportunities to participate in sports and arts as well as numerous school clubs. Physical activity through sports and games is an essential ingredient of the Personality development of every student. We believe that academics, sports and co-curricular activities are compatible and complimentary in realizing a child’s full potential. The Following sports, games and activities are offered:
• Cricket
• Football
• Throw ball

Q4. What are the regular school hours?
A4. School starts at 8:00 a.m. but students may arrive as early as 7:30 a.m. for supervised care at no cost. Students may enter the classroom at 7:50 a.m. Dismissal times are as follows:
• Pre-School - 12:00 p.m
• Juniors & Seniors - 01:50 p.m.

Q5. Is there a school counselor on campus?
A5. St. Gregory’s have Sir Abbas Haider (a very well-renowned psychologist) on board. We provides a comprehensive counseling program to all of our students that include individual counseling, as well as small and large group counseling. SGHS work to maintain a strong emphasis on mental health and wellness of students.

Q6. What is the Student: Mentor ratio of a class?
A6. The Student: Mentor Ratio is 9:1

Q7. My child is a bit of an introvert. How can the School help him/her to change that?
A7. We don’t push and force introvert students against their wishes. They should be given more exposure to social events like parties or playing in groups and gently urged to participate. Whereas games and role plays involving social skills are regularly practiced with them.

Q8.What security measures have you taken in the school?
A8. Strict control on entry is a key to safety. Security of the campus is ensured through over 66 strategically located CCTV cameras monitored continuously by our security personnel.

Q9. How many excursions do you have in a year?
A9. Every academic year starts with an excursion. This is to create a receptive and fun environment for students. They are constantly sent for Educational Day trips, Seminars and MUNs as a part of the curriculum. No definite number however is decided for these excursions as we believe that it is variable to the requirements of the curriculum.

Q10. How do you take care of students who are weak in a particular subject?
A10. Teachers are asked to stay back at times for remedial classes to provide them extra support, whenever required. A regular feedback regarding the homework and progress of students, keeps parents well-informed about their children.

Q11. Is there a dress code at St. Gregory’s?
A11. Yes. Students are required to wear proper uniform which are purchased directly through Sami Sons.

Q12. Does St. Gregory’s provide learning support?
A12. St. Gregory’s School is committed to high-quality instruction. We incorporate research-based, best practices into our daily instruction to help all of our students to be as successful as possible. We continue to focus on differentiated instruction within the classroom to meet the learning needs and learning styles of our students.

Q13. Are teachers available for academic assistance?
A13. Every teacher at St. Gregory's School is committed to helping students reach their academic potential. Our teachers are available throughout the year for parent meeting (by appointment only) to discuss ways both the parent and the teacher can help the student reach his or her potential in the classroom.