Rules & Regulations

We believe that for any child to succeed he/she needs to be disciplined. Discipline is shortly defined as practice of mental, moral and physical powers to promote order, regularity and efficient obedience, correction, training supplied by adversity.
“With discipline, ordinary people become great men.”

Below is a list of rules which will be followed during the entire academic year. We encourage all parents to write their views through our online query from available on our website in case they would want us to add on anything in order to shape up everything better way for the students.

1. Students will be required to appear for the following exams:
• First term examination in the month of September 2019
• Second term examination in the month of January 2020
• Third term examination in the month of April 2020

Note: Tests will be conducted on monthly basis in between the examinations to assess the student’s progress and application to studies and marks of these tests will be included in all three examinations.

2. A cadet cut for boys and two braids for girls is necessary. Warnings will only be given three times after which strict measures will be taken.

3. School uniform needs to be properly ironed, clean and tidy.

4. Shoes must be polished. We encourage students to carry a shoe shiner with them in order to dust away any dirt which may come on to their shoes during the course of school timings.

5. Only simple wrist watches are allowed for the students.

6. Belts with huge buckles, wearing of any kind jewellery or make up is strictly prohibited. We request all parents that when your child leaves for school, please make sure that he/she is not in breach of the mentioned rule.

7. Use of erasers/ ink removers, whitos or any sort of correction fluid / sharpening material is strictly prohibited.

8. Use of any kind of supari, beatle nuts, gutka, mawa is strictly prohibited. The management has a zero tolerance policy regarding all such issues. Moreover, any student found smoking will be expelled from the school immediately.

9. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited. If found a fine of Rs. 1000 will be charged and that the phone will only be returned back to the parents at the end of the session after signing of an undertaking that the students shall not be found again in breach of the respective rule again.

10. Fee for every academic month shall be deposited in the respective bank through fee voucher on or before 10th of every academic month. Failing to which a fine of Rs. 200 will be imposed. If the fee is not cleared before the expiry of fee voucher an additional penalty of Rs. 100 will be imposed totaling the penalty to Rs. 300. We expect all parents to cooperate with the school management in this regard and avoid unnecessary arguments with the accounts section.

11. In case of failure to clear any tuition fee, three written notices will be sent to parents through courier after which the child’s name will be struck off from the register without any further notice.

12. Avoid using slang language; slangs of either Urdu or English language are strictly prohibited.

13. Three intimations will be given to any student who is found coming late to school, upon coming late the fourth time, the student will be asked to return home.

14. As per the policy of the Board of Secondary Education, Karachi and Directorate of Privately Managed Schools, Government of Sindh, it is mandatory upon every student to maintain attendance record of at least 75%. Failing to which, the school reserves the right to withhold admit cards of all such students.

15. Short leaves are strictly not allowed for any student.

16. Students will not be allowed to buy eatables from vendors during the off time.

17. Any damage caused to the premises, equipment, furniture or fittings of the school by any student shall be compensated by the fine of Rs. 1000/- particular student’s parents.

18. Only school printed copies are to be used by the students. We advise all students and parents to make sure that the copies and books are neatly maintained and properly covered.

19. Here at the Dhaka Secondary School, a teacher’s respect is of utmost importance to the entire management, any student found arguing, misbehaving or being rude to the teachers shall be expelled immediately.

20. We would also like to bring it in the notice of all parents that the school has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to the respect of its staff members, either teaching or non teaching. Therefore, we expect all parents to always observe a polite behavior when conversing with any of them. In case if any parent is found adapting an aggressive behavior towards any of the staff members, the school reserves the right to strike off the child’s name off the school register without any further notice.

21. Parents are required to check on their child’s homework and class work on a daily basis. Make it a habit! In case you find any discrepancy, bring it in the principal’s notice immediately. Most importantly, all parents are strictly advised to attend all Parents’ Teachers’ Meetings throughout the academic year.

22. For all students of classes IX and X, it is compulsory to appear and pass in the preliminary examination failing to which admit card shall be withheld.