The school offers the following programs:

Pre School ( 2.5years - 5.5years )
This section is spread over three years of education for toddlers, they are trained to discipline their schedules during the time they spend at school. From manners to materials, everything is taken care of in order to prepare a reasonable school goer.

Primary ( 6years - 11years )
It comprises of education from Jr. I till Jr.V. this part of schooling is formal yet the burden of multiple subjects is carefully avoided to keep the focus on literacy and numeracy skills. Learning is mingled with fun yet teachers try to induce further responsibility in students as they gradually move to higher levels.

Secondary ( 12 years - 14years )
Comprises of three most important senior level classes (Grade VI - Grade VIII ), where studies are to be dealt with perseverance and responsibility of a student. Unlike all stages, the strict vigilance of parents becomes essential at this stage as home study hours play a crucial part in the academic success of a student. Exams are conducted for half and final term, accompanied with regular monthly tests.

Matric ( 14years - 16.5years )
The senior most levels of school are class IXth and Xth are included in this section. Students are required to exercise their perseverance and endurance to prepare for the exams conducted by the Board of Secondary Education, Karachi.

Preliums are conducted before each board exams. It is mandatory for all students to score 60% or higher in order to attain the permit for board exams from the school.