Responsibility of the institution:

• We aim to train highly qualified and competent professionals for the upcoming challenging world.
• Our utmost aim is to provide the students with complete and indepth knowledge about the subject with course completion being the key.
• Complete provision of upto date notes.
• Paper management system to get the students out of the hassle of getthing hold of impornats, guess papers or even past papers.
• Weekly tests followed by monthly assessments.

Responsibilities of parents:

• Ensure 100% attendance of your child.
• Stay connected with the administration to know more about your child’s progress.
• Make frequent visits – we encourage you to meet the teachers as well.
• We expect all parents to ensure that their child comes to the coaching centre in proper clothing.
• Most importantly, make sure that your child does not carry a mobile while coming to the centre.

WE HIGHLY EMPHASIZE on students not getting enrolled in any English language course, computer course in order to cope up with our fast paced academic environment.